Why People Want To Be An Entrepreneur


Why People Want To Be An Entrepreneur? It is simple: We believe that we have and can do something better We would rather work twice as long and as hard in order to see the change and reward for something that created/own We understand the concept of working for a boss or company, but we reject on a personal level … Read More

Getting Started in a Flooded Market

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  Getting started in a flooded market It seems that everyone is trying to start something and by something i mean a business. The terms “entrepreneur” and “startup”, even “billionaire” seems to be trending. Everyone wants a piece of the action, but are their idea’s really going to be worth a billion dollars??? Who knows? Some say that, “if you … Read More

Starting Up

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As a startup enthusiast that is just getting started I feel like I have a good grasp on how hard it can be to actually get ones foot into the door. I currently work for a startup that focuses on custom CRM and SalesForce specialties, so I understand the difference between my job title and what my job will actually … Read More