New LinkedIn UI/UX

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New LinkedIn UI…Love it or hate it! Now that some of the dust has settled from the bombs everyone dropped on LinkedIn due to their new UI, let’s take a step back. Is it really that bad? Think about it, are you really not able to accomplish what you were able to before? Or maybe it is that you don’t … Read More

Some of Google’s Toughest Interview Questions


  Breaking Down Some of Google’s Toughest Interview Questions There are many ways to see these questions, so do you take them seriously or provide easy answers with “Googliness”. Many of you have probably seen the article from INC. Business Insider going around titled, “41 of Google’s Toughest Interview Questions”. If you haven’t read the questions, I would give it a read and … Read More

Getting Started in a Flooded Market

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  Getting started in a flooded market It seems that everyone is trying to start something and by something i mean a business. The terms “entrepreneur” and “startup”, even “billionaire” seems to be trending. Everyone wants a piece of the action, but are their idea’s really going to be worth a billion dollars??? Who knows? Some say that, “if you … Read More