Branding in the Automotive Industry


Branding is an art, so is building the brand itself.

For example:

  • Lexus – “Relentless Pursuit of Perfect” which they show in both luxury and performance
  • Lamborghini, what do you think about? Do any of these words come to mind: power, speed, performance, elite status, rare. The answer is yes and the reason you think that is because of the brands and the reputation that Lamborghini has built.

To the point, Volkswagens slogan which was recently dropped was “Das Auto” meaning, “The Car”. However, in recent months VW has revealed a concept model of a pickup truck called the “Atlas”. When you think of VW, what are the first few things that come to mind? Something along the lines of German automotive or “Punch Buggy!” Ja

The Atlas is VW’s new concept pickup truck which happens to be something new for VW. Now it is never too late to get involved in the truck game. However, is it consistent with their brand? No! Look at the pictures below










Nice looking truck huh? It is, I will give them that. However, when you see the front and back, do you think that the “Atlas” wording is overbearing. Like wow! Calm down VW, we know that it is an Atlas. This car is nothing short of over-branded. When driving down the road you do not need to flash everyone with the name of your car in massive 250 font, “Atlas”.

As mentioned before. branding is an art, which I think in the past VW has done a decent job. However, with this truck, I recognize that it is a concept, however, there is a difference between clean and flashy. While potentially bringing a whole new line and market the VW brand, this truck is not consistent with their current branding.

Moving forward, if VW plans of building out this truck I would suggest choosing the front or back for these massive words like RAM did for their new trucks. However, I would still make them smaller. I am curious to see if this truck is developed and if so, how it does in the market.