Branding in the Automotive Industry


Branding is an art, so is building the brand itself. For example: Lexus – “Relentless Pursuit of Perfect” which they show in both luxury and performance Lamborghini, what do you think about? Do any of these words come to mind: power, speed, performance, elite status, rare. The answer is yes and the reason you think that is because of the … Read More

It’s All About Timing

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I’m sure you have heard someone say, “It’s all about timing” at some point in your life. If you haven’t heard it, you’ve had the fortune to witness it over the last 10 years. Two words, “Wearable Tech” but more specifically smart glasses! First up, Google, who came out with “Google Glasses” in 2012 that were essentially a “smart” pair … Read More

Stuttering and Perception


Ever have someone give you a look that says, “Do they know what they are talking about” or “What is wrong with them”? If you answered no, good for you, keep thinking that. For the other 99.9% of you who are honest, we can move forward. Since you know the feeling, try adding a stutter into that equation and then … Read More

New LinkedIn UI/UX

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New LinkedIn UI…Love it or hate it! Now that some of the dust has settled from the bombs everyone dropped on LinkedIn due to their new UI, let’s take a step back. Is it really that bad? Think about it, are you really not able to accomplish what you were able to before? Or maybe it is that you don’t … Read More

Some of Google’s Toughest Interview Questions


  Breaking Down Some of Google’s Toughest Interview Questions There are many ways to see these questions, so do you take them seriously or provide easy answers with “Googliness”. Many of you have probably seen the article from INC. Business Insider going around titled, “41 of Google’s Toughest Interview Questions”. If you haven’t read the questions, I would give it a read and … Read More

(Trouble Ahead) What can Twitter Do?


  Everywhere you look some unicorn or trending tech company is in trouble. This should come as no surprise as many tech companies have been overvalued. There have also been many theories as to why they were overvalued. So am taking to the LinkedIn user base. I have a Question For You and Yes I am looking for answers. 1. … Read More

Giving Back to the Entrepreneur Community – Daymond John


When you are just getting started as an entrepreneur, things like; mentorship, guidance, advice, feedback, opinions and strategies all have value to you. However, once you begin to grow and become successful (for those that are motivated enough), this part of your life really determines what you stand for. Are you going to sit on your success and enjoy the … Read More

Startups Are Not For Everyone


What is your definition of a startup? The small stereotypical tech company probably creating the next mobile app? Or a medium size and financially sound company that can be in nearly any business vertical? Great, either way, you are right! However, working for them is entirely another thing. To some, startups sound appealing because one might think that it will … Read More

Clean Energy, Why is Advancing so Difficult?


Clean energy is something that we all should share some interest in as it is a free resource. My question is, “Why is Advancing so Difficult?” Obviously the tools to harvest said energy are not free, but the ROI is much greater, both financially and environmentally. I understand the principles behind solar and most clean energy concepts, however with the … Read More

Getting in the Game! Are You Ahead of It or Too Late?


As we all have seen over the last few years companies like Apple, Google, Pandora, Spotify to name a few and now the most recent YouTube (part of Google) are offering ad free services, but with a paid subscription. So times like this really make me consider the next step with innovation as I am always thinking about that next step and the … Read More

Heard of SalesForce?


If you haven’t then get on the wagon. I just came back from DreamForce a few weeks ago, the biggest convention that SalesForce holds on a yearly basis in San Francisco, California. Needless to say it was more than impressive and a great deal of money was spent putting the event together. However, i would be more than surprised if … Read More

Getting Rich Quick and Wanting to be a Billionaire


Now days, being a millionaire isn’t the ideal goal, being a billionaire is. However, money is still money. The amount of get rich quick schemes are exhausting to see. Honestly, if you have tried a get rich quick program, i am not saying you’re dumb or wrong, you were hopefully just curious to see what it had to offer and … Read More

Unofficial Best Practices for Creating a Startup


There are many opinions and methods for getting started and as a new entrepreneur these opinions can and will sound good. So the question really comes down to, which startup methodology do you choose? Do you create your own, just wing it, Lean Startup and the list goes on. To add to the confusion, sometimes depending on the type of … Read More

Why People Want To Be An Entrepreneur


Why People Want To Be An Entrepreneur? It is simple: We believe that we have and can do something better We would rather work twice as long and as hard in order to see the change and reward for something that created/own We understand the concept of working for a boss or company, but we reject on a personal level … Read More

My Mobile App


To begin, today is September 11th, so take a brief moment for all those we lost in NY and those oversea’s who are fighting for our freedom. God Bless Them All! Now, we all have our own vision or goal. Mine, like so many others is to create a mobile application for smartphones and a website side too. However, my reasons for getting … Read More

Getting Started in a Flooded Market

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  Getting started in a flooded market It seems that everyone is trying to start something and by something i mean a business. The terms “entrepreneur” and “startup”, even “billionaire” seems to be trending. Everyone wants a piece of the action, but are their idea’s really going to be worth a billion dollars??? Who knows? Some say that, “if you … Read More

Starting Up

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As a startup enthusiast that is just getting started I feel like I have a good grasp on how hard it can be to actually get ones foot into the door. I currently work for a startup that focuses on custom CRM and SalesForce specialties, so I understand the difference between my job title and what my job will actually … Read More